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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summer School Offers Entire Minor in Spanish for the Professions (Medical track)

The minor program in Spanish for the Profession at UNC-CH is able to accommodate demand in three of its four tracks:


The demand for the Medical track in the minor exceeds the capacity of the entire minor, but there was an opportunity hidden in that problem: the Summer School Program was happy to offer the medical track in the minor.

For the first time in summer 2011, the Summer School will accept 20 students to complete the following:

Summer I:

SPAN 265: Spanish for the Professions

Allied course* (optional)

Summer II:

SPAN 321: Medical Spanish + SPAN 293 (service-learning)

SPAN 335: La comunidad hispana

This is a separate summer school program that will not accept students who are participating in the Academic Year minor program in Spanish for the Professions.  Students cannot take just one minor course in summer school. Watch this screencast to understand why.

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