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Friday, December 17, 2010

Maintain Your Spanish Over Break: Watch 4 Minute Newscasts Online

Students who have to take a break from Spanish classes are often looking for ways to keep up with their Spanish when they're not getting their usual daily dose.

The solution is always to do what you would normally do, but in Spanish.

If you like to watch quick news summaries of the major headlines, check out Telediario en 4' on Televisión Española.  It's a four-minute newscast with partial transcripts of the main stories included on the website so you can read along.

Don't worry if you can't understand everything--watch the video to see if you can get the main idea and try to understand the spoken words as you read along.

Some of the stories require specific background knowledge related to European politics. Others are international stories that you probably have the background knowledge to understand better.

For some reason newscasts are hard to find online, but this website is a sure bet:

And if you scroll through the site, you will see all kinds of videos, including American cartoons like "Bob Esponja."

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