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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DTH to Advertise Summer School Program: Minor in Spanish for the Professions

Look for ads in the Daily Tar Heel in January: students can complete the entire minor in Spanish for the Professions during summer school 2011.  This is for the medical track only.

The minor in Spanish for the Professions at UNC-CH offers four separate tracks:  business, journalism, law, and medical.

With the allotted resources, the Department of Romance Languages can meet demand for business, journalism and law--that's about 90 students per academic year.  That same number of students are on the waitlist for the medical Spanish program each semester.

The Department of Romance Languages simply cannot offer enough sections of Spanish for the Professions courses to meet the demand for medical Spanish, but the Summer School has stepped in to offer the entire minor to 20 students in summer 2011.  Here's how it would look:

Summer session I:

Spanish for the Professions (SPAN 265)

Service-learning APPLES 1-credit add-on (SPAN 293)

(Allied course: optional)

Summer session II:

Medical Spanish (SPAN 321)

La comunidad hispana (SPAN 335)

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