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Thursday, December 2, 2010

PowerPoint Presentations

As the semester comes to a close at colleges and universities everywhere, it's presentation time! If you're preparing a final presentation using PowerPoint, remember the golden rule:

Don't write everything you want to say on the slides and then read them out loud to your audience. Everyone in your audience can surely read and would rather just take a handout and go home to read the presentation.

The heart of the presentation should be about what you have to say. The PowerPoint slides should:

  • frame your topic with a declarative statement instead of a dry title. Instead of "The industry:", try to really assert something: "The industry model is too old to be sustainable in the 21st century"
  •  instead of a bulleted list of text on the rest of the slide, provide compelling visual support for what you are saying (a photograph, a colorful chart, dramatic statistics, a pithy quote).

Remember: it's you giving the presentation and PowerPoint backing you up--not the other way around.

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