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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maintain Your Spanish during Winter Break: Download Podcasts

Today is the last day of classes for fall semester at UNC-CH.  Everyone is racing around trying to finish up their academic obligations so they can go on break, but many students want to know how to maintain their Spanish over break.

The question "how do I maintain my Spanish during break?"  is most often asked when students have to take a full semester off from studying Spanish for some reason, but it doesn't hurt to stay in practice even during a short break like winter break.

The answer is always: do what you would normally do, but do it in Spanish. So some tips will work for you and others won't fit with your life as well.

Today's tip is for iPod users: download free podcasts of Mundo from BBC World Service (available on iTunes).

Each broadcast is less than 20 minutes and covers major international headlines. So while you're driving home, out walking the dog or going for a jog you can keep up with your Spanish.

As a bonus, you'll sound really smart when you also know the biggest headlines throughout the Spanish-speaking world!

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