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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The minor in Spanish for the Professions at UNC Welcomes Its Newest Cohort

This semester 68 students have started the minor in Spanish for the Professions at UNC-CH.  Those students are enrolled in the fifth-semester survey course entitled "Spanish for the Professions."

Students study the uses of Spanish in the following professions in the US contexts: entrepreneurship, business, law, medicine, and education & social services.  Starting this semester, there is also a significant grammar component.

We use a text authored at UNC for "Spanish for the Professions" and Iguina  & Dozier's "Manual de gramática" for the grammar component.

Today the 68 new students were added to the minor listerv and all will be declared minors in the college advising office after the last day to drop classes in a few weeks.

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