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Friday, January 21, 2011

"Buy in Any Language, but Sell in Theirs"

Students in the minor in Spanish for the Professions at UNC-CH are studying entrepreneurship in two courses:

Spanish for the Professions (SPAN 265)


Venture Creation in the Spanish-speaking World (SPAN 327)

This week we saw how important it is to know the language and culture of anyone to whom you are trying to sell a business or service.

The testimonials of Jorge Cureño Rivadeneyra and Alejandro Aguilera Villasana speak directly to the importance of knowing how to interact with the buyer--the second goes so far as to compare sales to an art form or a seduction.

No matter what you think, the bottom line is if want to sell something, knowing how to sell it in Spanish will help you tap into a huge market segment in the US and internationally.

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