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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Plans: Santiago Beltran and FAC Internacional

This summer UNC junior Santiago Beltran will return to Guatemala to expand the microfinance initiative started there last year: El fondo de apoyo comunitario.   This summer FAC will expand its training programs, increase the capital savings of its participants, and continue the successful microlending projects.

To prepare for the growth and expansion of FAC, Santi has received a Burch Fellowship to be trained as a savings office by two microfinance organizations: CrediFamilia in Colombia and Fondesol in Guatemala.  This training will help Santi to better understand how to help the world’s poorest populations build capital despite the limitations imposed by their circumstances:  How do you teach financial literacy to the illiterate? How do you handle the potentially complicated dynamics of a group-shared loan? What are the implications of empowering women through these programs?

We'll know more when Santi gets back to campus in August...

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