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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fall 2011 Registration Opens Soon!

Registration for rising juniors at UNC-CH starts on April 15th.  We hope to have the link for Spanish for the Professions (SPAN 265) on April 12th.

For courses in the minor in Spanish for the Professions, we will start registering students for the second and third sequential courses in the minor on April 13th.  The new registration system will be able to screen for pre-requisites so that students can enroll themselves in the final course in the minor: La comunidad hispana (SPAN 335).

In all courses, students in the minor will sign up on paper forms in class in order to be enrolled in the minor courses for fall.  Once we have the student's signature, that student's seat in the course is secured and we will manually enroll all students from the department office.

We cannot access the registration system before the students' own registration windows open so the course will NOT appear on student schedules when they first go in to register for other classes, but it will appear soon.

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