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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Addressing People Using Titles in Spanish

When talking to someone for the first time in a professional context (or when introducing two people to each other in a professional context), it is a good idea to use titles.

Some common titles used with last names in Spanish include:

Doctor / Doctora

Profesor / Profesora

Presidente / Presidenta

Licenciado / Licenciada (with a college degree)

Ingeniero / Ingeniera

Señor / Señora

When addressing a person directly, use TITLE + LAST NAME:

Ingeniero Gallegos, es un placer conocerlo.

Ingeniero Gallegos, le quiero presentar a la Doctora Montrul del Instituto Superior.

When talking about a person in the third person, use a definite article (el or la) before the title:

El Señor Sánchez me dijo que la Profesora Jackson se mudó.

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